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Admin April 21, 2016, 06:43 PM Bengaluru, karnataka.
Natural ways to escape from summer heat

This summer of 2016, we are experiencing the hottest climate which sky rocketed to 40 degree and plus. Stepping out of home is out of question even to take a breath of fresh air. So why not make your space cooler and brighter this summer!

Few changes we can do are:

  • Keep plants inside the house. Peripheral plantation around the house is also an added advantage.
    Green plants to escape from summer heat
  • Provide effective shade for east and west windows.
  • Paint your roof white – If you’ve got a flat roof, paint it with a specially formulated reflective paint or just paint it white. The reflective effect will help to keep the rooms under the flat roof much cooler.
    Paint white on roof to escape from summer heat
  • Air-sealing, adding attic insulation and sealing accessible HVAC ductwork will reduce the heat entering.
  • Opening windows on opposite sides of the house provides good cross ventilation, which is one of the best ways to cool down a house.
  • High louvre windows help to create a draught that pulls warm air out of the top of the room.
  • The best way to deal with unwanted solar gain is to keep it out in the first place. "Properly designed roof overhangs, external shutters and window screens (movable or fixed), pergolas and awnings can be placed which will block the sun from windows and walls during the hottest parts of the day.
    How to escape from summer heat
  • Choose materials with excellent thermal mass, such as concrete and brick. Windows and doors made with thermally broken aluminum or timber frames with double glazing, with tinted glass, will all provide extra insulation.
  • Lighter colours on the exterior walls and roofs will help keep a home cooler. Paints with cool colours reflect heat back off walls, so it is not absorbed inside.
  • Homes built around internal courtyards with roofed outdoor rooms increase the ability to have natural cross ventilation. At the same time they create several different outdoor zones that will suit different activities and different times of day, depending on sun, shade, breeze, no breeze, time of day, and need for privacy versus common use.
  • A Green Home can have tremendous benefits, both tangible and intangible. The immediate and most tangible benefit is in the reduction in water and operating energy costs right from day one, during the entire life cycle of the building.
IGBC Buildings have many tangible benefits:
  • Energy savings: 20 - 30%
  • Water savings: 30 - 50%
And intangible benefits as follows:
  • Enhanced air quality
  • Excellent day lighting
  • Health & wellbeing of the occupants
  • Conservation of scarce national resources
  • Enhance marketability for the project

In the light of the above useful tips and information, next time you’re looking for a home, make sure it is IGBC (Indian Green Building Council) approved, so you can live healthy and green!

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